Thank you

February 19th, 2014

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the new music through the Fimm Store. Thank you to everyone who supports art and music directly through the ones who create it. Thank you to the people who have the consciousness to not just use Spotify and Pandora, which both pay artists fractions of pennies, and are not sustainable platforms. Thank you to the ones who realize that the only way to create quality music, is to support musicians so they can build new roads where new music can thrive!

Thank you for being kind. Thank you for being fair. Thank you for holding the door. Thank you for keeping your mind together. Thank you for humming where people can hear the song. Thank you for trying to make this day everything it can be. Thank you for transforming hostility. Thank you for everyone you say thank you to today.
Laughing Grid - Oil On Canvas

The chill

February 13th, 2014

The chill is powerful and pouring the cracks of the windows. Time says to be patient and bold. Icicle Thoughts