2016 has arrived

I can’t wait to share these new albums with you and other projects that are brewing over here. I’ve been filming, writing, creating and trying not to go bat-shit whilst loving every moment of this strange, beautiful ride. I want to thank all of you who are on it with me. Two, brand-new albums are spinning out of my hands and into yours soon. Because you are supporting, sharing and shouting at the top of your lungs about the new music and the artwork, I somehow am able to stay alive and keep creating it as a fully independent artist!

The new instrumental album “Adaquarium” is now available on my store page here and “Potnia Theron” is about to land. There are very few “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” handmade sets remaining, so if you’d like one now is the time!

The first two chapters of the “Adaquarium Diaries” will be arriving soon to all who have signed up on the contact page, so make sure your info is up to date if you want to hear about what is happening next. New paintings are making their way to Etsy and my Gallery page here and the first three paintings of 2016 are drying now right next to me! New videos with tracks from “Adaquarium” and “Potnia Theron” are now on Youtube and Vimeo!

There is so much I would like to do with this precious time. I want to make new music, a radio show, photography, paintings, tours, live projects and more! If you want to help me achieve this and truly make a difference in this artist’s life please consider becoming a patron here. You will have first access to unreleased music, poetry, photography, videos, exclusive piano videos, and much more! Thank you for being and helping this dream come true!