“Adaquarium” has arrived!

I cannot thank you enough for supporting these new albums, “Adaquarium” and “Potnia Theron,” through the “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets. Thanks to your generosity and support, these unique, one-of-a-kind creations are nearly sold out! Thank you for helping me prove that it is possible for an independent artist to find a way to survive and create outside of the corporate structure.

In addition to a very limited number of remaining “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets, high-definition .WAVs, signed, physical copies of “Adaquarium” and MP3s have also arrived. Please know that every time you purchase something directly from my Fimmstore, you are not only helping me fulfill my purpose as a human being, you are also helping me survive and move forward into the future with the bright possibility of creating new works. So many talented people have put their time, energy and essence into these two albums, most notably my dear friend and producer, David Baron. Please feel free to discover his music here. We have created more than 6 albums together now, and thanks to those of you who support the music, the artwork and become patrons, I feel I am standing at the edge of a great precipice with no fear what-so-ever of falling.

By sharing the videos for “I Am,” “Rock and Roll Star” and “Killing Machine,” you are helping me achieve something that is nearly impossible, and I invite you to use your voice to shout this music from any rooftop you can find. If you’d like to become a patron and support my work on a recurring basis (and be a keeper of a portion of my soul for all eternity), please take a step into my weird, radiant, secret world. If you actually read this far, then I am truly flattered, and I welcome you to have a peek at the new video for, “Novo,” the first release from “Adaquarium.”