Album updates! WAV files coming soon!

The “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” handmade sets are NEARLY SOLD OUT thanks to your conscious support of this music, all that it entails, and the human beings that have brought their talents to the table to make it possible. Not to mention all of you, who have stood behind me not just with your dollars but with your dreams, kind words of encouragement and support and so much more. There is no question that it is absolutely crazy to release two, new albums as an independent artist – but that is what’s going to go down. In approximately 23 days, I will be adding high quality WAV files to the Fimm Store. That’s right! We’re going high def. And it’s not just going to be “Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium.” ALL of the albums in the Fimm Store will soon be available in WAV format HERE! I want you to hear them sound as good as they possibly can to your ears.

Of course, making these elaborate, handmade packages and pieces of music and artwork for you is not the only thing that is happening over here. Thanks to my patrons, who are sheltering portions of my soul, I’ve been able to carve time for several other projects that have been tickling my mind’s eye. I’ve been writing new poetry, filming new piano videos for my patrons, completing new paintings, mailing out “Golden Honeycombs,” and preparing interviews for you with people whom I hold dear. If you’d like to be aware of everything I’m doing down to the marrow and keep in touch directly, then please consider becoming a patron here! I will shower you with poetry, photographs, pianos, discounts on all releases, and so on. Thank you for believing in me! I can’t do this without you and this is just the beginning.

If you haven’t seen this new video experiment for “Novo” from the new album, “Adaquarium,” press down on your mouse here and prepare to feel weird in the most delightful way.

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