“Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium” have arrived! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heART who are supporting this journey. Thank you for sharing the sounds and videos! It has taken nearly 100 musicians and 2.5 years of work to make these two albums exist!! Signed CDs, WAV files, MP3s…the whole shabang is right here.

To my producer and dear friend, David Baron, you are the best. There is nobody like you in this place. You are a bird of a feather. You make the lives of so many artists across the planet rich and full, lifting their talents and their spirits through your own. Your expertise and energy in the studio as a producer is always a thing to behold. I am so proud to know and work with one of the greatest producers on this Pale Blue Dot.

To all of the musicians who gave their time, talent and energy to make this happen, I salute you. I cherish you. Thank you for all that you do to enrich this world through the wonder that you bring. I hope the love and appreciation trickles back a thousandfold. THANK YOU David Baron, Brian Viglione, Sara Lee, Erik Lawrence, John Andrews, D. James Goodwin, Manuel Quintana, Ken Butler and the FAMES Macedonian Orchestra Project. I can’t wait to record again with all of you. Thank you Heyrick Chassé for the countless hours you have spent behind the lens filming new videos and creating artwork for these projects. Thank you Sparkle Poetess Sabrina Miller for being an extraordinary poet and Goddess.

I have a lot of thank-yous to write, but this one is for You – the one reading this. Thank you for believing so this dream could come true. Thank you for being a part of this music. It’s a rare and precious feeling to still be standing here with my arms outstretched as a direct result of what happens when love is transformed into action.
Potnia Theron