September Fimm Update!

Time seems to be going so fast! Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for supporting the music, artwork, photography, events and other such shenanigans of a Fimm-like variety. It’s not easy to encapsulate the goings on of this place known as “here;” but I will just say that the creative fires are burning hot. Filming has been one of my new passions. With the help of the very talented friend, the Sparkle Poetess of Sparkle Poetics, new videos continue to come to life. Of course, you know how I love to keep things mostly invisible.

If you’d like to see roughly 60 new piano videos that are only available through Patreon, please feel free to come and explore this evolving, secret world where my soul and yours meet in the arms of music. Patreon is an online platform that was created to facilitate recurring funding for independent creators like me. It’s not just about funding either (although that’s very important). More and more, as I communicate with these dear people sharing our time on this earth, connected by this music and art, I feel compelled to tap into dreams that I never even knew were there.

If you choose to become a patron, please know that because of the way things are for independent artists at the moment, this conscious gesture transforms my existence. It is not small. Music is, after all, something more vast than we can even begin to fathom.