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The musicians who created Red Yellow Sun are: Producer David Baron - keyboards, programming - Sarah Fimm - Words, Voice, keyboards, programming, Jerry Marotta - drums, percussion (Violet, Spring, Maryjane, Horizon, To Be Alive, Crumbs and Broken Shells, Levi) Alexander Lipowski - percussion (Guardian, Burning) Larry Saltzman - Guitar Acoustic, Electric, Acoustic 12 sting, Baritone Uke, Mandoguitar, and Tiple (Red Yellow Sun, Spring, Maryjane, Horizon, Crumbs and Broken Shells, Levi) John Andrews - guitar (Guardian, Crumbs and Broken Shells, Only the Sum Of, To Be Alive) Ben Butler - guitar (Violet) Mike Visceglia - bass (Horizon, Crumbs and Broken Shells, Spring, Maryjane) Peter Geraghty - bass, castanets (Guardian-bass, Maryjane-Castanets) Brett Bass - bass (Violet) Tony Levin - bass (To Be Alive) Paul Bushnell- bass Paul plays Fender basses and uses Dean Markley strings (Levi) Peter Murphy - vocals (Crumbs and Broken Shells) Leigh Nash - vocals (Crumbs and Broken Shells, Spring) Cindy Mizelle - vocals (Violet) Tawatha Agee - vocals (Violet) Elaine Caswell - vocals (Horizon) Neal Coomer - vocals (Horizon) Hugh Wilson - vocals (Maryjane) Marcus Parsley - Trumpet (To Be Alive) Imani Winds- Comprised of: Valerie Coleman (Red Yellow Sun, Guardian, Burning) Toyin Spellman-Diaz (Red Yellow Sun, Guardian, Burning) Mariam Adam (Guardian, Burning) Jeff Scott (Guardian, Burning) Monica Ellis (Guardian, Burning) Jon Manasse: Bass Clarinet (Red Yellow Sun) Matt Fields: Double Bass (Red Yellow Sun) Stuart Rose: French Horn (Red Yellow Sun) Dorothy Lawson: Cello (Red Yellow Sun) Strings: (Guardian, Burning) Darrett Adkins - Cello Cornelius Dufallo - Violin Dov Scheindlin - Viola Katherine Fong - Violin Peter Donovan - Double Bass Vesselin Gellev - Violin Victor Schultz - Violin Antoine Silverman - Violin Liuh-Wen Ting - Violist Krystof Witek - Violin Amy Kauffman - Violin Chris Gross - Cello Eriko Sato-Oei - Violin Katharine C. Kresek - Violin Rick S. Dolan - Violin Gregg August - Double Bass Kenji Bunch - Viola F.A.M.E'S / Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (Horizon, Crumbs and Broken Shells, Spring) Art by Tatiana Arocha Recorded by: David Baron, Albert Difiore, Pete Caigan, Rich Travali Recorded at: Dreamland Studio, Edison Studio, Sun Mountain Studio, Fimm Mountain Studio, Legacy Studios, Allaire Studios, Studio M1 Produced by: David Baron and Sarah Fimm Mixed by Rich Travali at Dockside Studio Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound. Dedicated to my beloved teacher and friend, Franko Richmond.


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