Thank you so much for helping me build new bridges through music and art! Two, new albums now exist and I am in the process of bringing these new projects into the physical world for you. Beyond the albums, we have also been swimming in the world of film and visual madness with no plans of stopping soon. Largely due to the vision and talent of my good friend, Heyrick Chassé, I am continuously inspired to delve further and further into the oceanic chasm of film. The full video for “Rock And Roll Star” has arrived! You can have a glimpse into this imaginal space right here.

Working on “Killing Machine” with J.W. Cortes (actor, Marine, musician) and Talia Denis (musician, actress, artist) was a powerful experience, and one that came very close to the reason why I make art. J.W. Cortes is an award-winning Marine-combat-veteran-turned-actor, singer, filmmaker and activist. As an actor, he trained in New York City at the world renowned William Esper Studio under highly regarded teacher Terry Knickerbocker. He is best known for originating his recurring role as “Detective Carlos Alvarez” on the FOX prime-time hit-series GOTHAM. I had the opportunity to spend time with him while filming “Everything Becomes Whole” two years ago. I was blown away by his sense of discipline and dedication to the art. His sense of humor and strength of purpose reminds me how much I have to embrace every minute, summon the power of song, and – always. For this, I am grateful. Talia Denis is a singer/songwriter/pianist who has shared stages with X Factor’s Fifth Harmony, Rusted Root, Deluka and Jasmine Villegas. She continues to perform, sharing her talents with the world, and has already gained a significant following. I have no doubt it will only continue to grow. It was an honor to film her in this role. She has over 2,000,000 YouTube views already on her work. She is recording all the time. This is one young artist that we are lucky to have with us in this place.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity of seeing the way that PTSD not only affects the one suffering, but also their family, friends and all of us as a society as well. My mind continues to fill itself with visions of a world without war; a world where people choose love over fear. So, I’ve been working on the “Adaquarium Diaries” with every free moment that presents itself. When my friend, Craig, first imparted to me what it was like to bear the weight of war, I felt honored. We spoke about the healing power of music in all its forms. He spoke vibrantly about the Colorado Mountains, the glimmering light on the snow drifts and the subtle things that bring him back from wherever the wild wind might whisk him. He spoke with few words and overflowing feeling. He told me how much he loves his family. He lives in a house full of memories and experiences that are teeming from all corners at all times. He directs his questions, thoughts and experiences into helping others help themselves. Interestingly, all of my friends who I’ve spoken with that live with PTSD on some level feel that they either have to hide from it right now, or they’ve had to hide from it in the past. Whether it’s been fear of losing their job, or fear of ways in which people might misunderstand or stigmatize them, there are ever-increasing, exponential factors contributing to this feeling that they need to hide. This is something we can start to change by simply opening our ears and giving a few moments of our time and attention and acknowledgement to their courage and wisdom. The weight of war does not pertain only to the events that must be relived in his head every day, it extends into the present in a number ways including his exposure to toxic chemicals in the Iraq Gulf War, Crohn’s disease and other health-related disorders. Despite these challenges, he works every day toward the goal of music, love and understanding. He continues to be a source of monumental inspiration to me as well as a person who is teaching me more about what it truly means to live and what it is to love – because my hero is the one who through the discordant noise of history can still find can find the strength within himself to sing a song.

I am also profoundly thankful to the musicians, artists and great minds who make these projects what they are. My deepest thanks to: David Baron, Brian Viglione, John Andrews, Ken Butler, Erik Lawrence, Sara Lee, D. James Goodwin, Manuel Quintana, Zachary Alford, Jinhi and Oskar Baron and all of you. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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P.S. New video of the orchestra here! Three new singles for ‘Killing Machine,’ ‘Rock And Roll Star’ and ‘I Am’ are now available on the music page and the store page! Thank you so much for supporting the music, my life, and all of the wondrous human beings involved, so this crazy ride may continue.