October Fimm Update!

October 22nd, 2015

Two, new Fimm albums are beginning to make their way into the world in physical and digital form.  The first three singles from “Potnia Theron” ~ “Killing Machine,” ‘Rock And Roll Star,’ and ‘I Am,’ are now available at my store!  I’d also like you to know that my new instrumental album “Adaquarium” is available in its entirety in the form of a signed, physical album, Mp3 or Hi-Def .WAV files!  Dozens of rare, one-of-a-kind synthesizers make their appearance on both new records.  New video peeks for “Adaquarium” are now on Vimeo and Youtube.

There are just a few limited-edition “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets remaining for those of you who have been deeply supportive of the music and do not want to wait for the full digital release of Potnia Theron in 2016!  The “Golden Honeycomb” is filled to the brim with two, brand-new albums, a limited-edition Fimm T-Shirt, a thumb-drive with high-res .WAV files of additional bonus tracks and other unreleased, rare material.  These handmade sets were constructed with love by my own hands.  Every penny helps make it possible for me to continue on this path of music and visual art!   

I am also grateful to report that the new video for “Killing Machine” was recently featured as an official selection of the Woodstock Film Festival.  

If you’d like to really see what is happening behind-the-scenes with the music, paintings, piano videos, photographs and other creations, please consider becoming a patron and supporting my work in this world!  Patreon is one of the few existing mediums currently available that actually helps independent artists flourish by providing an ongoing platform of fan support. 

Also!  I am preparing for two upcoming art shows in December, please head to my Etsy Gallery to see the latest!  

Please feel free to share the new music, artwork, and videos and thank you for being on this journey with me.  This is just the beginning!


“Killing Machine” in the Woodstock Film Festival!

September 29th, 2015

The video for “Killing Machine” starring J.W. Cortes and Talia Denis has been selected for the Woodstock Film Festival!! Big thanks and hugs to all of my talented friends who who helped make it happen.

“Killing Machine” is a story of healing and resilience between a father (played by J.W. Cortes – actor, filmmaker, activist, former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement Officer) and daughter (played by Talia Denis – musician, artist and actress) struggling to cope with PTSD.

Filmed by Heyrick Chassé
Assistant Director: Poetess Sabrina
Set Coordinator: Anne Cavallaro

J.W. Cortes
Talia Denis

David Baron – Production, Synthesizers
Brian Viglione – Drums
John Andrews – Guitars
D. James Goodwin – Bass

“Adaquarium” has arrived!!

September 15th, 2015

The first of two, new albums is now available in MP3 and WAV form RIGHT HERE! I thank every single one of you who has helped make this happen by supporting and sharing the music and the artwork! Entering cloud 13…


Album updates! WAV files coming soon!

August 20th, 2015

The “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” handmade sets are NEARLY SOLD OUT thanks to your conscious support of this music, all that it entails, and the human beings that have brought their talents to the table to make it possible. Not to mention all of you, who have stood behind me not just with your dollars but with your dreams, kind words of encouragement and support and so much more. There is no question that it is absolutely crazy to release two, new albums as an independent artist – but that is what’s going to go down. In approximately 23 days, I will be adding high quality WAV files to the Fimm Store. That’s right! We’re going high def. And it’s not just going to be “Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium.” ALL of the albums in the Fimm Store will soon be available in WAV format HERE! I want you to hear them sound as good as they possibly can to your ears.

Of course, making these elaborate, handmade packages and pieces of music and artwork for you is not the only thing that is happening over here. Thanks to my patrons, who are sheltering portions of my soul, I’ve been able to carve time for several other projects that have been tickling my mind’s eye. I’ve been writing new poetry, filming new piano videos for my patrons, completing new paintings, mailing out “Golden Honeycombs,” and preparing interviews for you with people whom I hold dear. If you’d like to be aware of everything I’m doing down to the marrow and keep in touch directly, then please consider becoming a patron here! I will shower you with poetry, photographs, pianos, discounts on all releases, and so on. Thank you for believing in me! I can’t do this without you and this is just the beginning.

If you haven’t seen this new video experiment for “Novo” from the new album, “Adaquarium,” press down on your mouse here and prepare to feel weird in the most delightful way.


July 16th, 2015

…SO much for being with me on this journey. I send my heartfelt gratitude to those of you who are purchasing the “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” handmade sets directly through the Fimm store, supporting the artwork, and sharing the new videos for “Killing Machine,” “Rock And Roll Star,” and “I Am.” You infuse my life with meaning, purpose and inspiration more than you will ever know. Starting tonight, I will be streaming two, previously unheard tracks from the new albums, “Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium,” right from this page! (Where it says, “Listen to Sarah’s Music” in the upper right corner). I hope you enjoy them.

My soul is elated by all of you choosing to become patrons of my work so that this music may find a foothold on the tightrope of life. It is because of you that I am able to continue to create music and artwork and bring it into the world. That is the simple truth.


New paintings have arrived!

July 9th, 2015

New paintings are now available on my Gallery Page Here and multiplying at an incredible rate!

New albums are flying like birds!

June 11th, 2015

The past two weeks have been exhilarating. I’ve been creating hand-made “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets perched somewhere in the Catskill Mountains. Paintings, signed albums, thumb drives loaded with unreleased tracks and artwork, and a limited-edition “Fimm” t-shirt are contained within. My two hands have been busy and I assure you are working hard to keep up with this roaring sea of action and reaction. I want to thank all of you who are sharing the new videos for “Killing Machine,” “Rock and Roll Star,” and “I Am,” while simultaneously supporting the music and helping me continue to create it. I am just a lady on a mountain. There are no magical satchels of cash. Every cent you give me goes back into new creations and the continuation of my life and work! Your kind and encouraging words keep me level, centered and focused on bringing more music, more color and more light into the space of anyone listening.

New and original paintings have arrived to the Fimm Gallery, but if you would really like to have inside access of everything I’m doing as it happens, you can purchase a piece of my immortal soul here. After all, there’s plenty, and if you don’t, you know who’s gonna! (Seriously though, thank you). I can’t wait to share this adventure with you.


May 21st, 2015

I can’t believe it!

It’s ultimately taken two years to achieve what is now reality. The “Golden Honeycomb” set anchored by TWO, NEW ALBUMS has officially arrived and is now available to share with you!

This rare, handmade package includes:

1. One copy of Potnia Theron (NEW signed album)
2. One copy of Adaquarium (NEW signed album)
3. One original, acrylic 8×10 painting with a handwritten message on the back (signed)
4. One 1 GB USB drive including a special, introductory letter, unreleased B-Sides and other exclusive content
5. One limited-edition Sarah Fimm T-shirt (All X-Large)

Please know that these “Golden Honeycomb” sets are in extremely limited supply. The items inside have a significantly higher collective value, but are now available to you as this limited-edition package for what I feel is an extremely reasonable and affordable price of $75. So…step right up!

In other news, I’m releasing the new video for “Killing Machine,” starring J.W. Cortes and Talia Denis. I am also excited to soon share with you a new, multi-media project which continues to evolve.

You can participate in everything that’s happening in Fimmland through my Patreon page, where I am selling my soul in the name of music and art so that I can continue to create new works!

Thank you so much for your presence on this Earth and for supporting what I do. There is much to be done and undone through this endless, waking, luminescent corridor of mystery, sound and light.

A Fimm named Sarah

New Fimm VIDEO for “Killing Machine” has arrived!

May 15th, 2015

I want to thank all of you who are supporting the music and the artwork so I can continue. Filming this piece was an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks to you and the talents of some extraordinary musicians and artists, we were able to make this happen.“Killing Machine” is a story of healing and resilience between a father (played by J.W. Cortes – actor, filmmaker, activist, former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement Officer) and daughter (played by Talia Denis – musician, artist and actress) struggling to cope with the realities of PTSD.

Filmed by Heyrick Chassé
Assistant Director: Sabrina Miller
Set Coordinator: Anne Cavallaro

J.W. Cortes
Talia Denis

Sarah Fimm – Vocals
David Baron – Production, Synthesizers
Brian Viglione – Drums
John Andrews – Guitars
D. James Goodwin – Bass

For more information on the new albums to come, go to


May 8th, 2015

I figured it was time that I tell you a little bit about what’s been going on here! It has taken two years to complete both “Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium,” and I feel as if I’ve finally reached the point where this project is moving into a physical reality where it will soon be in your hands. I still deeply believe in making things that you can touch with your hands and know that I touched that same album with mine.

I wanted to do something a little different this time. It has taken about four months to create this a package which I lovingly call “The Golden Honeycomb Set.” This EXTREMELY limited-edition collection of music, an 8×10 painting, a thumb drive, a t-shirt and other treasures will be available this month to all of my patrons who have supported the music, thereby making it exist. I made two versions of the package and all items are extremely limited edition.

The Golden Honeycomb set contains:
1. One copy of “Potnia Theron” (signed)
2. One copy of “Adaquarium” (signed)
3. One hand-made, acrylic painting with a sparkling message on the back (signed)
4. One thumb drive
5. One limited edition Sarah Fimm T-shirt (only 100 ever made!)

The “Silver Lining” edition of this set contains:
1. One copy of Potnia Theron (signed)
2. One copy of Adaquarium (signed)
3. One thumb drive
4. One limited edition Sarah Fimm T-shirt (only 100 ever made!)

I will make sure that everyone who reserves one of these packages with me in the next 30 days receives one. Eventually, there will be a complete digital version of this music available, but I can’t honestly say when at this very moment! There are challenges I face when releasing these albums with artwork and other items, since it’s difficult to find a platform that supports endeavors like this from independent musicians like me! I’m also picky which doesn’t help. ;) Therefore, I thank you from the bottom of my soul for forever being a part of the music I create with the help of many talented people. My deepest thanks to my dear friend and producer, David Baron, and this list of tremendously gifted music makers:

Brian Viglione
Ken Butler
Erik Lawrence
Sara Lee
D. James Goodwin
John Andrews
Manuel Quintana
the FAMES Macedonian Orchestra

Now, for those of you who have not had a chance to tap into romance, I’m selling my soul on Patreon in the name of music! All patrons who support and shelter my soul will have first access to everything I do, including music, artwork, poetry, photography, film, and so on. The new video for “Killing Machine” is now up on my Patreon page for all people who help me continue this journey. The single for “Killing Machine” will be made available via CD Baby, iTunes and my website in just a few, short weeks. If you want to see a clip, click right here. J.W. Cortes and Talia Denis truly infused the story with a sense of honesty and fortitude that I do not think would be possible to achieve without them. I invite you to discover these gifted people who have so gracefully given their time and talent to this music you are about to hear.  Art brings understanding; understanding brings compassion; and compassion is the soil for meaningful action in this world.