Sneak peek at what’s to come!

April 6th, 2014

It’s been an amazing time with so much music being created here in Woodstock. This is a little PEEK INTO THE STUDIO so you can see what’s going on! Heyrick Chassé and I prepping for a week of film madness! The first video single from the new album will be in the Secret Garden soon and the official release will be announced in a few days! Things are going forward and the flowers are beginning to pop out of the ground. These musicians have worked hard to help me make this album come alive, and I’m so grateful they are here with us. There is so much to come, and so much to tell, but right now the wind is carrying me. SHINE.

Live in the studio!

March 14th, 2014

This is a little peek at the new album we’ve been working on for several months! It’s coming together beautifully and my mind is filled with endless possibilities. I send my heart out to all of these talented musicians and to all of you who support the music, paintings, and sparkling foundation which help make it possible.

Thank you David Baron, Brian Viglione, Ken Butler, Sara Lee, Erik Lawrence, Manuel Quintana, The Loudboy John, Zach Alford, D. James Goodwin for bringing it to life with the force that you are!

On we go!

New live video!

February 13th, 2014

Watch the new video for ‘Ant On A Wire’ from a room on a mountain! To buy this piece on CDbaby and support the music click HERE!

Pianos by Sarah Fimm

Pianos by Sarah Fimm

New Album is almost ready!

January 24th, 2014

David and I are making tremendous progress on this new record, and I couldn’t be happier with the musicians who all played their hearts out. I have a ton of photography and video from our escapades to go through, and after I deliver carrots to the mouths of hungry horses up the road, I will be posting some new visual magic. On we go!


December 21st, 2013

Recording the orchestra with David Baron this morning! orchestra_Macedonia_Fimm 2

Disappear is here

December 12th, 2013

Heyrick and I have been working hard on five live acoustic videos for you, and a video for the first single for the new album. David is insanely inspiring, and we continue on the new record. It’s thrilling to see it all come alive. I’m thankful for all the musicians thus far who have lent their spirit to it, and their time. I’m not just thankful that they played, but that I get the opportunity to know them.

Thank you Brian Viglione, John Andrews, Sara Lee, Ken Butler, Erik Lawrence, D. James Goodwin, and David Baron! (And of course to Jinhi and Oskar Baron!)

Disappear (Live Acoustic)

New videos and new album in the making!

July 23rd, 2013

Back in the studio and filming new videos with Heyrick Chasse! We’ve been at it constantly, and new photos will be going up soon. I can’t wait to show you.

New Video for “Inspire” is here!

May 11th, 2013

New video for ‘Inspire’ is up and out! Enjoy!

New music!

April 23rd, 2013

I am in the process of creating tons of new musical and visual works with David Baron and John Andrews of Loudboy today. To see pictures from the studio please head to the gallery, or to Facebook. Love your neighbor, x Sarah

Barn Sessions released!

October 2nd, 2012

The Barn Sessions is now available in digital form on iTunes!
Happy release day!!!!