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"Where Would You Go?"


And the rainbow carried whispers

To deaf ears soaked in wicked dreams

Like shadows waiting blindly

To discover they’re unseen


And in time what will remain

In a trickle of this rain

Distilling itself

Beneath a bed of Earth somewhere

We may yet be  

Food for the roses to rise again


Should we seek to be humble

To question as we pretend

That we are standing on ground that is firm

For when time turns this and that to dust

The emerald shine of this fleeting curtain

Will disperse 

To become once again


Which is 


Pearlescent fabric of infant stars 


In my dreams and days

Both still and not

Glorious shadows flaunt

Their wild wings above me

Like thoughts set free by a stinging rain


Slower than honey-soaked caterpillars

Making their way across the smooth river stones

While Sprawling loud sharp feathered intentions

Weathered by the pushing back against

Transform at the banks

Near the Serrated outer edges of this town

Spinning within my center

To still the sound

Like a blade with no resistance


Churning heavy soil in the garden of light

Where the music occupies the distance

Where violence is starved

Unable to propagate

Where love may propel us

Toward warm illusions of elation

Faster than colliding stars from billions of years of

Rippling together

Into the Ever of Night

A signal I hold in mind


With Heated words

Singed in flame


Caught in names


Let us go

Let us go

Let us go


Where you know you will fall

But you cannot fall alone

Because where would you go


Where would you go?

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