The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


Simple as a snap

Even the soil whispers

Something has been born

Should we shiver?

Should we strive?

Should we look upon it with scorn?

Something has been born

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


Blink once

Blink again

Pick a truth

Any truth

He tells our youth

With perilous eyes

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


He’ll stuff a rag in your mouth

Then he’ll pull it out

Try to tell you that it tastes like wine

I find that it tastes like doubt

My Friend

Trust me

It’s that Poison Vine

That only a sick-hearted man cannot live without

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


Not just petulant words

A Barbed wire fence

To herd the masses

Quick to disclaim any pretense

He shoots the messenger

In self-defense

An enemy of truth

And common sense

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


Fear hate

Torn apart

Shooting arrows in the dark

Madmen killing a world of art

That doesn’t yet exist

Killing off our choices

Reprimanding harmonious voices

And all who take the freedom to dissent

There will be no opportunity to repent

Midnight is near

He has the codes

He could destroy all that we’ve ever known

We cannot turn a blind eye

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


In fact

He need not be at all

Unless it is to harm

Unless it is to bring about the fall

That he always wished for inside

Self-hatred disguised

As grinning blackness

Without conscience at all

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


He need not be seen as supernatural

Although this is what he wants

In his warped mind

He deems himself

A messenger of some god

A title his ego flaunts


But left in a puddle

He will be

Burning scraps of dust and teeth

Of the world we know and love

That he

Destroyed in a tantrum
Like a blustering child

One day

It would seem

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


I cannot for a moment


The shaking bones

And trembling eyes

I feel their weight every day

Because you live to take

Their rights away

You hear only the sound

Of your own pride

You love to celebrate women enslaved

It’s something a vengeful heart might crave

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


And still I can only pity you

The personification of pain

Has someone hurt you

And you want to hurt them?

Oh! What a shame!


Who hurt you Little devil?

Do you need to cry?

Come here on my Shoulder

It’s No good to deny

We could weep together

All of us

You and I

A woman with no choice

A veteran with no help

A symphony with no sound

A book with no shelf

This is your perfect world?

The one you seek to build?


Under threat

A society



I must tell you

You are not well

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


It only took a moment

For us to look


Our oceans cry

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


And all of this by slight of hand

You’d barely know IT IS

A twisted smile upon a clown

Who lives for beating others down

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


Life is not a commodity to be traded

We are not your children

Of dependency

We are not here to be teased and taunted

We are ready to disintegrate

Your arrogant breeze

Before the world you have haunted


Before our very eyes

70,000 times

As a result of your wicked tendencies

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie



I do not believe in devils

Except the ones that live in the hearts of men

Though I am free enough to doubt

For now


We must Stand


It is merely an idea

After all

Why would such a silly thing even catch an ear

Unless our own fear

Has become

The Material

With which we have built the very thing we so despise

Why can’t you say it out loud
Why can’t you see the terror in his eyes

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


We fashioned him from shrouds of ebony

We constructed him

From the fabric of our minds

Our history loud

Unable to quiet the cacophony of

This anger-driven cloud

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie

If you look you will find

His anger grows

Each time

His ignorance

Is shown

And just like us he is skin and bone

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


He lives to shame

Those who cannot fight back at all

This is his favorite game

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


The sky is scorched in agony

Your suffering to him is bliss

His greatest achievement Ever

To convince us

He does not exist

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


A power hungry charlatan 

Bereaved Lost

And bored with it

You have no scale for wrong and right

But I will never fear the Night

I will hold my silver sword to you

I will fight for love and truth

You cannot begin to metabolize

The strength of the women

With whom

I rise

Their Heads were shaven


Treated as contraband

They have traversed oceans

With newborns in hand

Endured horrors

That would stun and blind

And now they feel they will again

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


But love can still rise from places within

You can sink if you want

But you can also swim

In the eternity

Of hope  

He could never understand

What is a tyrant

But a worthless man

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


I will strut and sing from this broken cloud

I will stretch my tired wings out now

From the highest treetop

Radiant and proud

My song never silenced

My light never dimmed

Not even a little bit

By the weight of tyranny and incompetence

Though I still wonder

What will happen now

The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie


If only your stubborn foolish head

Could listen for just ONE moment instead

Listen to the voices of history

You cannot achieve greatness

By acting precipitously!


You endanger all you claim

To cherish and save

The founders are laughing

From an oil-soaked grave

You know not

The Price we will pay

For generations to come

If by chance

We survive that long


The Devil Wears a Long Red Tie…

Where Would You Go?


And the rainbow carried whispers

To deaf ears soaked in wicked dreams

Like shadows waiting blindly

To discover they’re unseen


And in time what will remain

In a trickle of this rain

Distilling itself

Beneath a bed of Earth somewhere

We may yet be  

Food for the roses to rise again


Should we seek to be humble

To question as we pretend

That we are standing on ground that is firm

For when time turns this and that to dust

The emerald shine of this fleeting curtain

Will disperse 

To become once again


Which is 


Pearlescent fabric of infant stars 


In my dreams and days

Both still and not

Glorious shadows flaunt

Their wild wings above me

Like thoughts set free by a stinging rain


Slower than honey-soaked caterpillars

Making their way across the smooth river stones

While Sprawling loud sharp feathered intentions

Weathered by the pushing back against

Transform at the banks

Near the Serrated outer edges of this town

Spinning within my center

To still the sound

Like a blade with no resistance


Churning heavy soil in the garden of light

Where the music occupies the distance

Where violence is starved

Unable to propagate

Where love may propel us

Toward illusions of elation

Faster than colliding stars from billions of years of

Rippling together

Into the Ever of the night

A signal I hold in mind


With Heated words

Singed in flame


Caught in names


Let us go

Let us go

Let us go


Where you know you will fall

But you cannot fall alone

Because where would you go


Where would you go?

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