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My Mind Is An Animal

Like a drop of moonlight

To a wanting gaze


Stare honestly

Into the crooked hallways

Of this crooked place

Where the ones who gave themselves

Now give to the soil


Rocking chairs

Baby carriages

Trips to the park

Shooting arrows in the dark

To live the life of waking

Loving mistakes

Riding waters where

Intimidation seems

To be the lifeboat

Of this wicked dream

My mind has no seams

My mind is an animal cowering

Within the immensity

Of a warm sunbeam


My mind is a riddle

That dances in the morning

Leaving me naked to wonder

As she prances proudly

With tears in her hair

And flames in her eyes


My mind is a fountain of faces

It moves like a dolphin in grace

As she tastefully tastes the space

With a curl of that demure smile


Pregnant with change

In the glowing dreamscape

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