Live from the Studio w/ David Baron…

November 8th, 2017

They Ain’t Cryin’…

New Album Coming Soon.

July 24th, 2017

‘Folding Petal’ has arrived on my Vimeo page. Enjoy the new sounds!

“One More Step” live from the Highline Ballroom NYC show w/ Charlotte Martin!

June 1st, 2017

Live audio from the Highline Ballroom NYC Show has arrived! Many thanks to the dedicated Charmar fan who recorded this and love to everyone who came out to share in this memorable evening.

New Photographic Fimm Prints!

May 6th, 2017

My first series of prints are now available!! These rare, personally-signed photographic prints will only be available for a short time! Each one is handmade with love in Woodstock, NY, and comes nestled in a black frame. Printed on high-quality photo satin paper. If you would like this particular item to be a gift for someone dear to you, I can make that happen! Just write me via the contact page and let me know who will be the lucky recipient of your generosity! (w/ FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING for the month of March!) Thank you so much for supporting independent music and art!Psychedelic Painting for Nimbit 11x14

Handmade ‘Spirit Boxes’ have arrived!

December 5th, 2016

Thank you so much for your presence and ongoing support! I’ve spent the past few months carefully assembling brand-new, one-of-a-kind, handmade Fimm boxes, filled with music and love! I’m calling this rare, personalized collection, “The Spirit Box.” There will be several different versions – all in extremely limited supply. This Fimm-experiment in sound and color is now available exclusively through the music page. Each carefully crafted, wooden “Spirit Box” is made right here in the USA with 100% renewable resources. I painted them by hand with a ton of love. I look forward to sharing this new collection with you. AND! For every box sold, I will be planting a tree in honor of each of you who supports this effort. May we grow together forever. Thank you for being here.spiritboxes15

September Fimm Update!

September 14th, 2016

Time seems to be going so fast! Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for supporting the music, artwork, photography, events and other such shenanigans of a Fimm-like variety. It’s not easy to encapsulate the goings on of this place known as “here;” but I will just say that the creative fires are burning hot. Filming has been one of my new passions. With the help of the very talented friend, the Sparkle Poetess of Sparkle Poetics, new videos continue to come to life. Of course, you know how I love to keep things mostly invisible.

If you’d like to see roughly 60 new piano videos that are only available through Patreon, please feel free to come and explore this evolving, secret world where my soul and yours meet in the arms of music. Patreon is an online platform that was created to facilitate recurring funding for independent creators like me. It’s not just about funding either (although that’s very important). More and more, as I communicate with these dear people sharing our time on this earth, connected by this music and art, I feel compelled to tap into dreams that I never even knew were there.

If you choose to become a patron, please know that because of the way things are for independent artists at the moment, this conscious gesture transforms my existence. It is not small. Music is, after all, something more vast than we can even begin to fathom.



May 24th, 2016

“Potnia Theron” and “Adaquarium” have arrived! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heART who are supporting this journey. Thank you for sharing the sounds and videos! It has taken nearly 100 musicians and 2.5 years of work to make these two albums exist!! Signed CDs, WAV files, MP3s…the whole shabang is right here.

To my producer and dear friend, David Baron, you are the best. There is nobody like you in this place. You are a bird of a feather. You make the lives of so many artists across the planet rich and full, lifting their talents and their spirits through your own. Your expertise and energy in the studio as a producer is always a thing to behold. I am so proud to know and work with one of the greatest producers on this Pale Blue Dot.

To all of the musicians who gave their time, talent and energy to make this happen, I salute you. I cherish you. Thank you for all that you do to enrich this world through the wonder that you bring. I hope the love and appreciation trickles back a thousandfold. THANK YOU David Baron, Brian Viglione, Sara Lee, Erik Lawrence, John Andrews, D. James Goodwin, Manuel Quintana, Ken Butler and the FAMES Macedonian Orchestra Project. I can’t wait to record again with all of you. Thank you Heyrick Chassé for the countless hours you have spent behind the lens filming new videos and creating artwork for these projects. Thank you Sparkle Poetess Sabrina Miller for being an extraordinary poet and Goddess.

I have a lot of thank-yous to write, but this one is for You – the one reading this. Thank you for believing so this dream could come true. Thank you for being a part of this music. It’s a rare and precious feeling to still be standing here with my arms outstretched as a direct result of what happens when love is transformed into action.
Potnia Theron

New video clips from “Adaquarium” have arrived!

April 26th, 2016

New video clip for “Olosericum” is now available on Youtube and Vimeo. Thank you for sharing and supporting these new creations as they come to life!

“Adaquarium” has arrived!

March 3rd, 2016

I cannot thank you enough for supporting these new albums, “Adaquarium” and “Potnia Theron,” through the “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets. Thanks to your generosity and support, these unique, one-of-a-kind creations are nearly sold out! Thank you for helping me prove that it is possible for an independent artist to find a way to survive and create outside of the corporate structure.

In addition to a very limited number of remaining “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” sets, high-definition .WAVs, signed, physical copies of “Adaquarium” and MP3s have also arrived. Please know that every time you purchase something directly from my Fimmstore, you are not only helping me fulfill my purpose as a human being, you are also helping me survive and move forward into the future with the bright possibility of creating new works. So many talented people have put their time, energy and essence into these two albums, most notably my dear friend and producer, David Baron. Please feel free to discover his music here. We have created more than 6 albums together now, and thanks to those of you who support the music, the artwork and become patrons, I feel I am standing at the edge of a great precipice with no fear what-so-ever of falling.

By sharing the videos for “I Am,” “Rock and Roll Star” and “Killing Machine,” you are helping me achieve something that is nearly impossible, and I invite you to use your voice to shout this music from any rooftop you can find. If you’d like to become a patron and support my work on a recurring basis (and be a keeper of a portion of my soul for all eternity), please take a step into my weird, radiant, secret world. If you actually read this far, then I am truly flattered, and I welcome you to have a peek at the new video for, “Novo,” the first release from “Adaquarium.”

2016 has arrived

January 2nd, 2016

I can’t wait to share these new albums with you and other projects that are brewing over here. I’ve been filming, writing, creating and trying not to go bat-shit whilst loving every moment of this strange, beautiful ride. I want to thank all of you who are on it with me. Two, brand-new albums are spinning out of my hands and into yours soon. Because you are supporting, sharing and shouting at the top of your lungs about the new music and the artwork, I somehow am able to stay alive and keep creating it as a fully independent artist!

The new instrumental album “Adaquarium” is now available on my store page here and “Potnia Theron” is about to land. There are very few “Golden Honeycomb” and “Silver Lining” handmade sets remaining, so if you’d like one now is the time!

The first two chapters of the “Adaquarium Diaries” will be arriving soon to all who have signed up on the contact page, so make sure your info is up to date if you want to hear about what is happening next. New paintings are making their way to Etsy and my Gallery page here and the first three paintings of 2016 are drying now right next to me! New videos with tracks from “Adaquarium” and “Potnia Theron” are now on Youtube and Vimeo!

There is so much I would like to do with this precious time. I want to make new music, a radio show, photography, paintings, tours, live projects and more! If you want to help me achieve this and truly make a difference in this artist’s life please consider becoming a patron here. You will have first access to unreleased music, poetry, photography, videos, exclusive piano videos, and much more! Thank you for being and helping this dream come true!