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I've loved butterflies since I was a child. I remember sitting beside my mother in our two wooden rocking chairs, butterflies fluttering on every side of us, her smile wide as the sun. As we rocked back and forth, she said, 'Sarah, some people may not think this way, but I like to believe that butterflies are the souls of our loved ones, the ones we've lost but are still in our hearts.' She spoke these words joyfully, her eyes brimming with a sparkling radiance, almost as if every person she had ever loved was saying it with her. You would never think loss was even a part of the conversation. 


This piece holds a special place in my heart, symbolizing resilience and the ever-evolving journey of change. When she arrives at whatever home she ends up in, I hope she will serve as a longstanding reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the magic of metamorphosis. Thank you for supporting my art and joining me in celebrating the wonder of the natural world.  


*Every order is carefully packaged and sent via UPS to prevent breakage. This piece is signed. Please contact me for international shipping rates! Domestic shipping is included. Printed at the local art store in Woodstock, NY. Any questions? Let me know. 


Thank you so much for supporting independent art.

Butterfly (12x15 Framed, Limited-Edition Print Signed by Sarah)

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